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Eyam Church
Eyam stocks
Rose Cottage Eyam
Eyam Hall
Eyam Church Eyam Stocks Rose Cottage Eyam Eyam Hall

Eyam in brief.
   The beautiful, historic village of Eyam, (pronounced 'eem',) in the Derbyshire Peak National Park in England, became famous during the Black Death of 1665. An outbreak of the plague was contained when the villagers decided to isolate from the surrounding communities. It is also known that some of the village population were genetically unique and naturally immune to this very deadly disease. There are still descendants of this line in Eyam.

   Village life in Britain has changed considerably in the past fifty years, and many villages have emptied as people moved away to the towns. Eyam however still has a vibrant community and thriving businesses.
   Eyam has links with industry, being a worldwide centre for the production of fluorspar, a material of great value in smelting and open hearth furnaces.
   There are a great number of activities to, including a half-marathon of incredible difficulty and a splendid pantomime. It is a great place to visit and you can prepare for, or remember your trip with a first class colour map and a CD-ROM, (more detail see links above.)

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